Technology & Investment

Technology Applied
Water treatment system   Nutrient control and recycle system   Temperature and humidity control system   Lighting system   Carbon dioxide control system

Rigorous disinfection process
Wear work clothes   Sanitize hands   Pass air shower
Work Flow of Hydroponic Centre


  Hints for setting up a hydroponic vegetable factory
  1. Firstly, you should decide carefully; the kind of vegetables for production, method of production and the way to sell your products in the market. And also the market potential of your product.
  2. After choosing premises for hydroponic factory, you are recommended to enquire management office of factory, and Lands Department, Buildings Department and Fire Services Department of HKSAR for their comments of which the chosen premises being modified into a hydroponic factory before starting innovation.
  3. At appropriate time, you should start recruitment and training of operating staff for operating production of factory.
  4. Please note that you are required to apply for Business Registration if the hydroponic factory is operated for business.
  5. Please note that the produce must be complied with related regulations administrated by Food and Environmental Hygiene Department if hydroponic vegetables are prepackaged before on sale.

Equipment Cost

Items Details Qty Total (HK$)
Cultivating tools 7 layers Aluminum rack with planter tray 12 sets


Planting Light 5000K T8 e-Hf 32W, with reflector and fixture 1,356 sets
Cultivation circulation system 24-hour timer control 24 sets
Water circulation pump, 240L/min, head: 10m 4 sets
Water treatment system Fertilizer pump 15W/set 8 sets
Fertilizer control machine, 25W/set 4 sets
10L Fertilizer tank; 20L Mixing tank 8 sets
200L Circulation tank 4 sets
UV sterilizing and active carbon treatment 1 set
CO2 generating system CO2 infra-red sensor, analog output 2 channels, 3W 1 set
Packaging machine   1 set
Air conditioner   7 set

1. Set up of the above equipment was based on area of CEH R&D Centre; and for reference only.
2. Price was based on the purchase price in 2011.


Daily Operational Cost

Items Details Daily Expenditure (HK$)
Sponge 120 pcs/day 1,850
Fertilizer Import from Japan 300
Seed Import from Japan 100
CO2 gas Provided by local gas company 160
Packaging cup Made of 100% biodegradable material (1300 cups/day) 1,700
Water fee Approx. 4 m3 30
Electrical consumption 600kWh/day 700
Maintenance Monthly inspection and report, 24 h emergency repair is guaranteed 530
Employee’s salary Six workers (Work Shift; 5 persons, 8 working hours) 1,900
Quality Check  Testing on microorganisms in food 900
Property expense Rental fee, management fee and government rates 1,200

Total (HK$)  


1. The above operational cost was based on area of CEH R&D Centre; and for reference only.
2. Property expense was based on the rental rate in 2015.


Supplier information

The suppliers of facilities of plant factory are shown below for reference. For details, please contact them directly.

Supplier Website Contact Service to be provided
Mitsubishi Chemical Hong Kong Limited   852-2522-7031 Plant factory design, set up and equipment.
Science Create Co. Ltd. 81-532-44-111 Plant factory design, set up and equipment.
Asia Health Vegetable Club Ltd.  
852-6900 6313 Plant factory design, set up and equipment.
QEE Technology Group   852-3185 1500 Horticulture lighting.
Farm66 Investment Ltd 852-2668 1068
852-3905 2266
Aquaponics plant factory design, set up
farming system and equipment for Leafy
vegetables, tomatoes and mushrooms.
amazing-greens 852-2499 4115 Plant factory design, set up and equipment.
Ryosho Hong Kong Co. Ltd   852-28610111 (tel)
852-2861-3960 (Fax)
Clara Chong
Consultant services on agricultural and environmental areas. Provision of high-tech equipment and systems mainly from Japan
ValleyFarm International Ltd 852-60530449
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Edwin Ho
Seeds( COO Japan) subscription
Hydroponic fertilizers Purchase
Indoor Sterile Greenhouse Hydroponic Facilities Purchase and Setup
Outdoor Hydroponic Facilities Setup
Wholesale of Hydroponic Vegetable
SHUN HING TECHNOLOGY CO LTD 852-2313 0666 Plant factory design, set up and equipment.
Tai Lam Tunnel Bus Interchange Farm This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Aaron Hung
Organic Veggies, organic Fertilizer, Aquaponics
Delta Pyramax Co., Ltd. 852-2511-2118
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
High nutritional leafy greens/herbs cultivating horticulture light from Japan.
Restaurant orientated cultivation shelf.
Plant factory and energy conservation design, set up and equipment.
Automatic Hand Washing Station for plant and food factory (HACCP).
Veggie Coming Home Company Limited 852-64234243 Consulting services on Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) for year-round crops production:
- Indoor grow-room planning, design and setup
- lighting, climate control for open or sealed environments
- Vertical farming hydro-systems design and equipment
Ingenious System Limited 852-3461 0533
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Controlled Environment Vertical Farming Automatic System & Design, Vertical Farming Technical Devices, LED Lighting System for Planting, IoT Water Quality Sensor System


Seed supplier information


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